Meet Nansea

Nansea Lee (Nan-sea), is a Licensed Spiritual Healer Coach, an Interfaith Ordained Minister, Soulful Astrologer, a member of the American Federation of Astrologers, has a Bachelors in Child Development, is a Human Development Specialist, a Relationship Coach, RM, a speaker, author, and a freelance writer. She utilizes a psychological-spiritual approach, uses the astrological doorway to enable deeper connections with her clients, and supports them in her very unique style. For those on a spiritual path, she has been considered by many to be their “Spiritual Midwife.”

As an educator and coach, she supports her clients by providing time tested, verified practical healing tools, new life skills, and individualized positive affirmations to assist clients in creating positive results in their lives. With a non-judgmental heart she guides every client in a very distinct, customized way so that they can create better lives for themselves.

Nansea Lee is also a freelance writer and enjoys writing awareness expanding and growth-oriented information to uplift the mind, heart and soul. She is a spiritual seeker and has been walking on her own spiritual/self-development path for forty years. Her studies have included: psychology, self-development cycles, astrology, spirituality, numerology, metaphysics, holistic health, vibrational healing, and more. Nansea is deeply spiritual, and holds an expanded view to the meaning and purpose of our lives, relationships, and our life lessons. She believes we are all here to grow and evolve.

Nansea Lee

Nansea Lee
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