Astrology Sessions

More and more people are questioning the meaning and purpose to their lives. Astrology can help you with this valuable information.

Nansea Lee’s unique astrological sessions are individualized to give you unparalleled information that can assist you in your life. The details are relayed in a practical and useable manner. Online brief free astrological descriptions are generalized and don’t take into account the nuances of every birth chart. Every individual birth chart is composed of five to nine different astrological signs and each astrological sign reveals a part of your inherent personality traits. The chart also discloses additional layers and layers of valuable information. But most importantly, the agreement that your soul made for what it wants you to accomplish in this life. Are you on track?

  • Connect with your soul and obtain Akashic Records information
  • Gain more clarity on your life path and what your Soul’s Agreement is
  • Embrace your inherent gifts
  • Obtain new awareness to attract the best romantic partner
  • How to use this astrological energy inside of you to create

Prior to the scheduled time, Nansea Lee prepares for the session by analyzing the client’s birth chart, and then additional intuitive information is received; this information is shared with the client at the time of the appointment. She does not predict future events.

As a Unique Soul Astrologer, Nansea Lee gives individual, relationship, infant, children, and family astrological sessions. She prefers not to say “astrological readings”, as she analyzes the birth chart prior to the appointed time and utilizes her additional coaching skills in every session. A child’s astrological session gives parents guidance and a deeper understanding of their child’s individual needs, clarity about the child’s personality, and the parental role that this soul wants the parents to step into. Children are looking to their parents to provide the right environment for them to flourish and utilize all of their positive potentials; that are reflected in their astrological birth chart. This astrological session includes counseling, additional family education that will create a healthier, happier, and vibrant environment for all.

For adults in relationships astrological information is paramount as it has the potential to improve their lives, increase emotional intimacy, create more patience with each other, generate a better understanding of the partner’s growth path, deepen their relationship, and create a stronger foundation from this broader perspective.

Emotional intimacy is the key for a long lasting, healthy relationship. But, no one has been taught how to create this. In a couple’s session Nansea Lee includes various relationship skills, how to create a safe space for truthful communication, clarifies what emotional sharing is, offers specific argument rules, and more. All of which will enhance the relationship and includes ongoing growth for each partner. It is time to step out of stagnation and repetitive patterns that are keeping you stuck? Contact Nansea Lee, You deserve to be truly loved and seen for all that you are.

We are in evolutionary times, which call for more awareness from each of us. We are supposed to be listening to our soul’s guidance, following the astrological birth chart’s agreement to enhance our inherent potentials, to create more love, and manifest our heartfelt desires.

With each astrology combined coaching session, every client walks away with a broader viewpoint, connection with their soul, increased awareness, and new life skills. Step into utilizing all of your astrological inherent potentials and create a better quality life. Create the life you were meant to live!

Marianne Williamson, “The goal of the journey is to become our true selves.”

Contact Nansea Lee for your astrological session. or 720-887-2919

Nansea Lee’s astrology sessions are available in person, by telephone, Skype, and Face Time.

“Thank you for the astrology session. I feel I can take away with me a greater sense of purpose for me living my true path.”
BC, Boulder, CO
“You are a champion for those in search of deeper meaning and understanding, and your exquisite attention to detail makes that possible! I am grateful.”
D. G., Denver, CO
“Thank you for all of your insights and caring ways. “
J.M., Hawaii, HI
Nansea Lee

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