Relationship Coaching

Coaching for those in a relationship, as well as single individuals who want to create a deeply, fulfilling relationship.

RUMI, poet and philosopher stated, “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you built against it”.

People are searching for deeper and more meaningful relationships.
Learn how to create this.

Prior relationship experiences and old mental and emotional patterns follow us into our romantic relationships. As a Relationship Coach, Nansea Lee educates her clients, helps them to reconcile the past, updates their relationship tools, and enhances their communication skills. She believes honest, honoring, heartfelt communication is the key ingredient for establishing a fulfilling relationship.

  • Create that heart connection
  • Establish healthier communication skills
  • Learn how to develop emotional intimacy
  • Argument rules
  • Steps for longevity

Any relationship challenge that you have had, or are presently feeling is an indication that you would benefit from additional relationship education. With her Relationship Coaching, Nansea Lee works with couples and single individuals who desire better relationships. What are your relationship personal needs? Did you know that your astrological birth chart reflects some of these needs?

After assessing, Nansea Lee will create customized steps for you so that you can increase your relationship skills. These effective time tested skills can be used year after year to further create your fulfilling, long lasting relationship.

All of our life lessons revolve around learning how to truly LOVE………….
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With each new coaching client Nansea Lee offers a special.
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“The coaching support you have given me with my relationships and children has helped me tremendously.”
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Relationship Coach
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