Telephone & Skype Sessions

Skype and Phone Life & Relationship Coaching

Nansea offers Intuitive Life Coaching and Relationship Coaching sessions through Skype or telephone.

Having a phone session provides:

1. A relaxed environment for you in your own home.

2. Phone sessions allow you to feel safe. Enabling you to share the most intimate feelings and experiences, without someone watching and looking at you while you are revealing a deep part of yourself. Many people have trouble sharing their deep traumas, fears or emotions.

3. Creates a non-judgmental atmosphere. We are all here learning, and we all have our imperfections.

4. No travel time or gas expense.

In addition to the above, sessions are available through Skype.
Skype is a free video, telephone conferencing service that let’s us talk to anyone in the world. Your computer works as your telephone and this program is free to download and use.
It is easy and there are no costs involved.

Many of us have felt stuck in our lives at one time or another. Reaching out for support is your first step to creating the life you deserve.

Take a new step, contact Nansea Lee, and begin walking on the path to being, “The Best That You Can Be!”

With each new coaching client Nansea Lee offers a special.
Contact her to receive yours.

“Through my work with Nansea I chose the path of light and could not have done so without her. She is strong, wise, compassionate and really cares for me.”
C.K., Brooklyn, NY
Nansea Lee

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